'Hold the man down' features twice in the new American

TV comedy series Blunt Talk, starring Sir Patrick Stewart &

Seth McFarlane. Airs in the USA September 5th.


 The massively talented Lindsey Earl joins the band as additional lead vocalist and backing singer in 2015, taking the lead role on four new tracks of the Pirateers next 18 track Double Album - Song of the Sea - The Journey 


 Bassist Solomon Jack Adkins leaves the band due to family commitments following the birth of his daughter Indigo.

He will be a hard act to replace and we wish him well.











Lindsey Earl Joins Pirateers

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 The biggest pirate band on the planet are the Pirateers, from Cornwall in England. They are Britains' most innovative and talented folk rock band to have emerged from the UK for aeons.

 Their special and highly individual brand of music is a massive powerhouse of rock meets folk and pop, head on in a massive storm - Rocking you back to your roots.


 The Pirateers unique concept (devised for TV) travelling as timeless band of English pirate brothers, takes you on a journey where you never know what will turn up next.  Their songs are mixed with a freshness alongside the familiar and friendly but are always monstrously individual, delivering massively commercial and incredibly catchy material to over 100,000 fans which will have you unbuckling your swash and singing them in your sleep.



The Pirateers in  Hartland Cornwall


Above The Pirateers Hartland Cornwall

Photo ©2014 Jackie Freeman

Above the Strangles, North Cornwall - The Pirateers

Above the Strangles, North Cornwall - The Pirateers

Photo ©2014 Jackie Freeman


 With a refreshing emphasis on mixing their Celtic roots into their set with both thundering pace, alongside comedy and colour, the Pirateers hugely addictive hooks and seductively, almost annoyingly catchy original material often times takes a sideways look at life.


 A mystical and beautiful place is Cornwall and the Pirateers music is that too. A colourful mix, steeped in a world of maritime based folk, rock and pop. But also celebrating the beauty and magic of their historic homeland with great heart touching spectacle, enchanting melody & sensitive lyric.

With the new album now out, take a look yourself

 With their new album, 'Waiting for the Tide to come in' now completed, the Pirateers concept is being developed for television where our 'oh so nice', but oh so failed pirate band of brothers find themselves by some strange quirk of nature well out of their 18C waters and way, way too deep in the twenty first century. Our Pirate fish are undeniably out of their depth as they go on their musical world journey, learning all the way and taking you with them..

 With original music penned by top British songwriters and producers Dave Freeman and Chris Morris and celebs lining up to be in their music videos, the Pirateers are set to sail on a tidal wave.


LINKS   NEW Album out NOW!*





Pirateers CD cover - Waiting for the Tide to come in

Photos ©2014 Jackie Freeman

Pirateers CD cover









Line Up


The bands line up varies in its live role complexity but in essence;

'Posh' Jon Black - Lead Vocals, occasional banjo, melodeon and guitar

'Two Tears' Morrish - Vocals - Lead and Acoustic Guitars and Keyboards

Dave Tyrrell has featured vocally and played a key role in our videos & on many tracks as has Colin Arthur, both to whom we are indebted.

And more recently 'Solomon Jack', better known to his mates as Paul Adkins has come on board.

Paul plays electric and double bass and mandolin. He also provides a unique vocal accompaniment on occasion, kind of akin to a gargoyle who has swallowed razor blades washed down with battery acid for most of his life! Thanks for that Paul, you've been priceless and we'll miss you.

Fanny Lushbucket - female Vocals and occasional tambourine!








 Not many bands can claim that their first live gig was in front of near 20,000 people, by the Pirateers can.

And best of all, it was on home turf.

 Over 14,000 pirates came from all over the world, aiming to beat the Guinness World record attempt to gather the most pirates together in one place on the planet at the same time. And Penzance in Cornwall was the venu. With Cornwall's own Pirateers awarded the prime festival slot of 4-00 pm to perform in the long weekends celebration, as the huge crowd maximised along the Penzance Promenade for the count result.


 In reality, the crowds estimated by police at nearer 20,000, had been suffering a day of rain, but the Gods repented in the end and the sun shone for the Pirateers who performed a 45 minute set with the clear favourite tracks:

The Last of the Pirateers - Trade winds to Santiago & Ziggy - Ziggy - Ziggy.

With a huge crowd response to the Pirateers song dedicated to Cornish heritage - Away Home and the classic Pirateers favourite - The Cornish Pasty Song, they finished with, Offshore Wind, and the response was electric.


Pirateers - Rock you back to your roots

Pirateers Live on Stage

Photo©2014 Marlene McKenna

 Making his Pirateers debut appearance at the Penzance Pirate Weekend gig in aid of the RNLI, was Truro based 'Solomon Jack' Adkins who plays electric bass, double bass and mandolin and will be a welcome major character addition to the bands line up.







 'No one makes a Pasty like the Cornish' is now an anthem to all Cornishmen and firm Pirateers favourite.

"It's in the crimp, the crimp, the crimp......"

See Videos in Video section.




  Photo: Merchandising The Pirateers - whatever next?
The Cornish pasty Song -The Pirateers  






The Pirateers Cornish Pasty Song

Pirateers pet parrot, Morris

Pirateers performing at the Cornish Pasty Festival Redruth 2013

They gathered in the Cornish sunshine and support the Pirateers, Cornwalls biggest band, performing their brand new Cornish Pasty Song which was being filmed for television and videod during their set performing original tracks at the Cornish Pasty Festival in Redruth.

The Pirateers ships Parrot - Morris  

Two Tears and Posh Jon of the Pirateers performing at the Cornish Pasty Festival in Redruth 2013








  'On my way to RIO' and 'Last of the Pirateers' with the brilliant Bert Large ( Ian McNeice) - from the TV series filmed down here in Cornwall

Doc Martin and the AB FAB Girls - Patsy and Eddy. On the day when we turned Port Gaverne into the Coca Cabana beach!

See lots More Photos in our Album Section, Stories and Videos by navigating the site using the buttons




Bert Large and Cornish Pirates, the Pirateers

Bert Large and Cornish Pirates, the Pirateers


Bert Large and Patsy and Edie Absolutely Fabulous

Bert Large and Patsy and Eddie were Absolutely Fabulous



Many thanks to the Pirates of St Piran who gave up so much of their time to make the filming a success.


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Cornwall and a brief History of its Pirates, 1300 to the present day

 When it comes to Cornish Pirates, the Cornish Pirates themselves, better known to the Cornish as the Pirateers who hale from North Cornwall, are about the worst bunch of Pirate rabble ever to have pirateered from the coast of south west England.

 In historical terms, Cornwall has shared a vested interest in her pirate, smuggling and swashbuckling past, for Cornwalls' huge tourist industry depends upon its legends and folk law and the Pirateers are more than that.

Cornish rocking musical Pirates like these are few and far between in the annals of Cornish History and this is their story...

Pirateers Home Page Cornwall. The Pirateers are Cornish Pirates. About: Cornwall Pirates - Pirateers, English Pirates, Smugglers, British Privateers & Wreckers
It's about Cornish Pirate treasure, The Pirateers - Poundstock Pirateers - Cornish Bands, Bands from Cornwall, Shanty singers, groups, folk rock music Cornwall, Celtic Music, Gigs, records, songs about the sea - Cornwall, and traditional music from Cornwall England.

 From the cold dark ocean tumbling into Widemouth Bay near Bude on the north Cornwall coast, now one of the surfing capitals of Cornwall, pirates such as the Pirateers sailed the Celtic seas in the dim and distant past, looking for booty and unknowing sailing vessels to prey upon.

Pirateer boarding in ancient times was rife in Cornwall's misty past and Pirate treasure sank below the waves of the bay tied to ropes and weighed down to be hooked up when the Kings excise men were not around.

So too were the unfortunate wretches who fell foul of the Pirate bands preying upon Cornish waters, with no vessel safe from their gaze and their greed.

 The greatest of the Cornish Pirates was undoubtedly and band of Pirates lead by the feared Posh Jon Black, the master Pirate of Cornwall who hailed from Poundstock - a village just outside of the tourist sea side town of Bude and Stratton on the north Cornwall coast.

Posh Jon Black, rallied his pirate crews from across the county of Cornwall, earning for himself a formidable reputation as a fine leader of men, hoarder of Pirate treasure trove and a brave and fearless soldier of the deep.

Cornish history recalls many a wreck on a Widemouth breeze, plundered by her Pirateers. Many a soul set adrift on the Atlantic by smugglers from her shores.

The notorious Cornish Pirates who served under the Pirate King Jon Black, the pirates front line, Scupper, Tregaskis, Jack and Morrish, joined Posh Jon the Pirate King of Cornwall and became his pirate crew extraordinere.  The pirate band scouring the Cornish coast for any ship who may fall foul of their long brass pirate telescopes.

For a shot of heavy chain from her pirate cannons soon fell the masts of tall ships, clippers and brigantines of all nationalities. Including British shipping who chanced their arms and crossed Widemouth bay.

Of the feared Lundy Pirates north of Cornwalls coastline, and there were centuries of pirates based upon that desolate isle of rats off the north Cornish coast below Barnstaple and above the Hartland light near the Devon border, all revered the Pirate captain, Posh Jon Black though Posh Jon the Pirate King, never wanted to stay on Lundy or settle there, preferring to leave it to the scurvy crews of the Cornish bays.

No, for this pirates identity was a well kept secret in Cornwall, for by day he was a noble and dutiful Cornishman living in a fine house between Port Isaac and what now is the village and harbour of Rock facing the Doom Bar of Padstow.

 Here was a landowner and farmer to whom so many Cornish families turned and relied for their daily bread. It is said he employed over a hundred farm workers from the Port Isaac area and his ancillary fishing industry, the herring and sardines, the mackerel and cod landed at Padstow, Port Isaac, Port Gaverne and Boscastle along with his notable control over the Lobster and crab, grace Posh Jon Black not only the Cornish monopoly of the fishing villages, but the respect of all his Cornish employees and their families forever.

By night though, masked and fettered in fine pirate garb, Posh Jon Black became the terror of the Cornish seas, The Hartland Highwayman. the Mevagissy Marster, the terror of Tintagel and the jewel in the Crown of the Celtic hoards.


Continuing pirate subject expansions to include:

History of  the greatest Pirates of England, Briitsh Pirates and English privateers,

Biographies of English pirate captains. A history of English smuggling and wrecking on the north Cornish coast.
Pirate raids in British waters, pirate raids in 14th century Britain.

Pirate cannon, pirate weapons and cannon shot. Pirate cannon ball manufacture in Cornwall.

Cannon foundary in Truro and St Austell during the 18C.

History of Charlestown and its harbour.

Sea trade with Cornwall in the 17th century.

The great tall ships of Falmouth and the Mevagissy Pirates.


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