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Pirateers Cornish Pirates of old England.




 In days of old, Pirating was a way of life for many who had no other way of earning a living than by turning to a life or crime called piracy on the high seas. Over time, the pirates life has been romantisised by authors, poets, song writers and of course, the world of film and television and the life of a swashbuckling, dashing pirate roaming the seven seas has become a colourful dream in many a childs heart, as it still is in many an adults too.

 For whatever reason you came to this page, be it for a school project, or just because you are interested in the worlds most famous pirates, we hope you will enjoy what we have assembled for you here and that you will find our list of pirates useful.

Below: You can search through a comprehensive list of the worlds most famous pirates, be they real pirates from history, or pirate characters from literature and folk law. Our pirates are set out in easy alphabetical order with a little about the pirate characters history where it is known. (Lady pirates are in pink!)

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  Aisa Was a Barbary Pirate who plundered the Mediterranean region

Captain Mansel Alcantra

Spanish Pirate

An outrageous and vicious pirate who preyed on all shipping sailing to the Americas

John Alexander

A Scottish Buccaneer

Pirateered off the coast of Peru and South America under Captain Sharp.

Kanhoji Angria

Maratha Pirate
Active 1710 >

An African Muslim, the pirate Kanhoji captured and fortified two islands near Bombay India to use as his base where he extorted money from passing British Shipping.

  Thomas Anstiss - Anstis
British Pirate

Notorious pirate raiding the West Indies seas and raider of the American Colonies.
  Antoine of Seychelles.  

Phillip Ashton

British Pirate

At the age of 19, Ashton was captured by Edward Ned Low on one of his stops off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada in June.

John Auger

British Pirate


Henry John Avery

British Pirate

A pirate with many aliases including John Avery, Long Ben, and Benjamin Bridgeman. Born near Plymouth he was a west country pirate who retired from pirateering before he was caught and lived the rest of his life in Devon as a rich man.

A king amongst pirates.


Charlotte Badger
British Pirate

Female British Pirate whp pirateered off New Zealand. Charlotte Badger is widely considered to be the first Australian female pirate

AKA Redbeard the Pirate
Greek or Turkish Pirate

Barbary Coast pirate who pirated with his brother Aruj in the hope of conquering Africa.
  Richard Barleycorn British pirate and associate of Pirate captain Captain Kidd

Jean Bart
French Privateer

Son of a French fisherman  from Dunkirk who raided North Sea and English Channel fleets. Bart served in the Dutch Navy and later became a successful privateer for the French. Made a famous escape in a small boat from Plymouth, in Devon.

  Bathélémy Indian ocean

el Portugués
Portuguese Buccaneer

Most famous for his lucky escapes, this Portuguese pirate was one of the first to be based in Jamaica but died in a shipwreck!

Ali Basha

Barbary Pirate

An Algerian Pirate who conquered Tunis


Angora Son of Timor Raided Chinese junks and shipping off the coast of India
Blackbeard the Pirate
Welsh Pirate
This British Pirates real name was Edward Teach, but he was better known as Blackbeard the Pirate. A pirate who terrorized the briney waters of the West Indies and the eastern coast of the American colonies.

Stede Bonnet

AKA: the Gentleman Pirate


An English pirate residing in the Caribbean. Mainly targeted Spanish ships in his pirate career.

Black Bart


Bartholomew Roberts


Samuel Bellamy

British Pirate

Black Sam Bellamy

Sailed under the French Pirate Le Vasseur
Uncle of Jon Black the Cornish Privateer.
Chased Spanish treasure off the coast of Florid turned to piracy and became known as Captain Black Bellamy, plundering more than 50 ships. Of them was the Whydah, a 100-foot three-masted galley packed with ivory, indigo, and thousands of silver and gold coins.
  Charlotte de Berry English pirate who pirateered dressed as a man in a lengthy and successful career.
  Sarah Bishop
American forced to join the crew of a British privateer during the Revolutionary War.

Captain Jon Black

Posh Jon Black - English Pirate and Cornish Pirateer

Born: Trelawney Jon Trevithick Boscawen Black  - Cornish Pirate Captain from Boscastle. Member of the British aristocracy fighting against the Kings hold on Cornwall and his repression of the Cornish. Famous for his disguises. Fought valiantly it is said with Nelson and wore his coat pin till the end. Related to Bellamy and Black Bart with whom he sailed.
  Abraham Blauvelt
Dutch Pirate

Preyed upon Spanish shipping from Dutch New Amsterdam (New York) and a harbou in southwest Jamaica which is still named Blewfields Bay.


  Captain Blood

Another fictitious British Pirate made famous in the 1930's film starring Errol Flynn.

alias of Peter Blood, an Irish doctor turned slave, then pirate, and is the title character of a series of novels by Rafael Sabatini.

Anne Bonny

Born Anne Cormac, alias Ann Bonn, Ann Fulford, possibly Sarah Bonny

Irish female pirate who would disguise herself as a man. Disinherited by here father for marrying a pennyless sailor,

Anne went to the Bahamas with her husband but left him for the pirate captain John Rackham, aka “Calico Jack” and a more interesting lifel

  Stede Bonnet

Stede Bonnet was already a wealthy man when he started his career in piracy in 1717, purchasing a sloop and outfitted it with ten guns, e rounded up a crew of 70 men for his newly christened sloop Revenge and set sail for his pirate life.

  James Bonny Husband of Irish Pirate Anne Bonney

George Booth


English pirate who joined forces with Bowen, raiding vessels in the Indian ocean and the Red sea

John Bowen

Pirate from Bermuda

This pirate sailed with other famous pirate contemporaries, including Nathaniel North (who would succeed him as captain of Bowen's final ship, the Defiant) and the pirate captain George Booth, who was his captain when he served under him as a crewman aboard the Speaker.
  Joseph Bradley
British Pirate

Active primarily in the Caribbean seas.

  Roche Brasiliano
Dutch Buccaneer
An alcoholic famous for his cruelty, he was elected pirate captain and terrorized Spanish shipping.
  Hiram Breakes
Dutch Pirate

Took to pillaging throughout the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

  Joe Brodish
British Pirate
Spanish merchant ships were this pirates target in the Caribbean and off the coast of the USA.
  Nicholas Brown
AKA The Grand Pirate
Brown once received a royal pardon for pirateering but returned to piracy, attacking many ships off the coast of Jamaica. He was eventually captured by a childhood friend, pirate hunter John Drudge.
  Dixie Bull
English Pirate
When French pirates stole everything he had leaving Bull decided to take up piracy and plundered the New England coast for years Enticing other traders, seamen and fisherman to join forces, pirate captain Bull became known as New England's first pirate.
  Samuel Burgess
British Pirate
Accused of piracy and acquitted he turned to trickery after a shipwreck off Madagascar and latterly became a slave trader.Captain Samuel Burges, this American pirate was a former member of Captain William Kidd’s crew,
  Flora Burn Female pirate, operated on the East Coast of North America.


Captain Carraciolli

  Thomas Cavendish We are told that Sir Thomas Cavendish was an English explorer, pirate and a privateer known as "The Navigator" because he was the first who deliberately tried to emulate Sir Francis Drake and raid Spanish settled towns and sailing ships in the Pacific and return to England by circumnavigating the globe.

John Challice Callice

Welsh pirate and privateer

A pirate who plundered North sea shipping. While in the navy he plundered foreign shipping.
  Caesar Was an escaped slave who was a member of Blackbeards' crew and a man that Black Beard truly trusted.
  Dirk Chivers A Dutch pirate active in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean . Captain Dirk Chivers was Dutch, he served on the Portsmouth Adventure under Captain Joseph Farrel.
  François le Clerc
AKA Jambe de Bois (Peg Leg or
Wooden Leg)
A French privateer leading up to eight ships and 330 men who attacked Spanish ships off Puerto Rico
  Eric Cobham Was a vicious British pirate who with his wife, Mary Lindsey, pirated the Canadian seas during the golden age of piracy.
  Thomas Cocklyn Sailed with La Bouche and Howell Davis for a while before pirateering on his own.
  Captain Cole Mentioned as a pirate historically but little known
  Edward Collier
British Privateer
Collier was in command of one of the ships taking part in Sir Henry Morgan's raids in south America. Known for his cruelty and more ruthless than the average pirate, Collier often tortured Spanish prisoners to obtain their treasure but often got nowhere as the poor men died before they could confess as to where it was stashed.
Christopher Condent English privateer and pirate plundering ships in the Caribbean seas.
  Captain Cooper Mentioned as a pirate historically but little known
  Juan Corso Spanish pirate.
  John Coxon English buccaneer who terrorized the Spanish Main. Coxon was one of the most famous of the Brethren of the Coast, a loose consortium of pirates and privateers.

Mary Cricket


English female pirate


Robert Culliford

English Pirate

Hailed from Cornwall, England and pirateered under Captain Kidd.
  William Dampier William Dampier came from Somerset in England and fought alongside many buccaneers in Central America
Simon Danziger or Dansker
AKA Dali Rais or Captain Devil
Dutch Privateer
For pirate captain Danziger, Marseilles, France was his base. He latterly took up service with the Barbary corsairs and captured many Christian ships and taught the Muslims seafaring skills and no doubt, pirating skills as well.

Edward Davis

Possibly Belgian origins

English buccaneer active in the Caribbean. Pirateered with Sharp and Coxon as a trainee Pirate and with Davis and Cook, (Cooke) It is claimed that he was one of the earliest buccaneers to have buried treasure on Cocos Islands.
  Captain Derdrake Mentioned as a pirate historically but little known

Howell Davis 

British Pirate

A short lived British pirate and privateer whose career only lasted a year before he was shot dead in a kidnap attempt. Pirate leader Davis was a likable swindler and pirate who was admired by his crew for his great courage. Often posing as a merchantman or pirate hunter himself in order to size up his opponents before he pillaged their cargoes.
  Jacquotte Delahaye Female Pirate of the Caribbean
  Anne Dieu-le-veut Female Pirate of the Caribbean

Sir Francis Drake
Vice Admiral
English Privateer

"El Dragón"

Despite his obvious fame for circumnavigating the world, Francis Drake was indeed a privateer, freebooter and slaver in his early career. To the Spaniards he was equated with the devil, this his nickname and at his demise they celebrated his passing for all the deeds set against them.
  Captain Christophe Poulain Dubignon 1770, 15th October pirate Captain Christophe Poulain Dubignonarrived in the Indian ocean on Salomon a corsair
  Peter Easton English pirate who in his pirateering hey day commanded some 17 ships and carried out attacks of shipping from Newfoundland to West Africa. Having stolen a fortune, he settled in the South of France and was made a Marquis!
Edward England - Irish Pirate Jaspar Seegar was the real name of Pirate Edward England who was a famous African coast and Indian Ocean pirate

John Evans


Captain John Evans was a Welsh sailor who ended up pirating in Port Royal, Jamaica
Henry Every's Flag

Henry Every - British

AKA John Avery, Long Ben and others

Was also known as John Avery, John Every, Long Ben, Benjamin Bridgeman and Captain Bridgeman. He was one of Britain's most well  known pirates of the late 17th century and the model for Daniel Defoe's hero in the book  Life, Adventures, and Piracies, of the Famous Captain Singleton (1720). Henry Every served in the Royal Navy and on merchant, buccaneer and slave ships, before beginning a life of piracy about 1691. In 1694, joining a ship in the service of Spain, he helped plot a mutiny and was elected captain. he preyed upon all nationalities.

He eventually ended up in the West Indies, where his ship was either sold or destroyed in a storm. Afterward his crew disbanded and several were captured and hanged, Henry Every returned to England, was cheated out of his fortune, and eventually died in poverty.

AKA the Black Monk
 A twelfth century Flemish born monk turned outlaw and pirate who raided shipping in the English Channel. It was said he had a pact with the Devil and the power to make his ship invisible.

Alexandre Exquemelin


Was likely born in Normandy, France, Exquemelin was first a surgeon who sailed to the Carribean with the French West India company but changed tack and joined the Tortuga buccaneers.

Whenb he finally returned to Europe he wrote the famous "Bucaniers of America" published in 1678, and then returned to his pirate trade on the Spanish Main in the 1690's.

  Captain Joseph Farrell. AKA Faro, Ferro
Circa 1694
British Pirate
Captain Farrell commanded the ship Portsmouth Adventurer until it was wrecked. He worked with both pirates William Want and Henry Every in the Red Sea and Indian Oceans.
  John Fenn Captain A pirate who served under and alongside Anstis as gunner and a pirate who only had one hand
  Captain J Flint The fictional captain of a pirate ship called the Walrus, in the novel Treasure Island
  William Fly

Pirate off the east coast of the Americas. The boatswain William Fly, while working on board a slave ship, led a mutiny and murdered the captain. Once in charge, he renamed the ship "Fame's Revenge".

Captain Fly was notorious for his fits of rage, his swearing, and perpetual brutality, at times meeting out to his captives 100 lashes.

  Cap. Jean-François Sailed the Indian Ocean
Captain Freeman
British Pirate
Captain Sir Henry Morgan sailed with several cohorts, Captain Freeman included. We know not his first name.
  La Marquise de Frèsne:
Late 1600s female Mediterranean pirate.
  Jean Fleury
AKA Florin
French Corsair
  Fleury was one of the first French corsairs to attack a Spanish treasure fleet. Fleury was a privateer in the service of the Viscount of Dieppe.
  Antonio Fuët Was French pirate from Narbonne and was known as Captain Moidore which was a type of gold coin which it is said he used instead of shot! Now who would believe a pirate would choose to fie his hard stolen gold coins out of a cannon?
  Ingela Gathenhielm Swedish Female Pirate ploughing the Baltic
  Lars Gathenhielm. Husband of Ingela but who died and whose buccaneering was taken over by his wife

Sir Michael Geare


Gear was something of a smuggler, bringing back to England many of his ill gotten gains taken as plunder from enemy ships.

He died a wealthy man in London.


James Gilliam

See James Kellymes Kelley

  Pierre le Grand
French Pirate
Captain le Grand was the first pirate, French or otherwise to settle on Tortuga Island.
  Francis Grognet Believed to be Spanish?
  Catherine Hagerty Cohort female pirate associate of Charlotte Badger.

John Halsey


From Boston raided French and Spanish shipping. 1705, Captain John Halsey, the American pirate arrived in Madagascar in command of the Charles
  Israel Hands
British Pirate
Second-in-command under Captain Edward Teach aka Blackbeard the pirate.
  Klein Hänslein
AKA Little Jack
A German pirate of the 1570's who attacked shipping in the North sea.
  Peter Harris British Buccaneer in the Pacific
  Mary Harvey (Harley) English female Pirateer and privateer
  Sir John Hawkins Commanded the first English slaver and was the first Englishman to invade the Caribbean which was largely of Spanish possession.
  Henriques the Englishman
AKA: Henry Johnson
Irish Pirate
An expert and crack shot which as he only had one hand was something unusual. Known in his time as pirate who gave no quarter and asked for none in return.
  David Herriot
Member of Blackbeards crew
  John Hoar American pirate who received a privateering commission from Governor Benjamin Fletcher of New York and did well for himself in the Persian Gulf and red sea.1695, Captain John Hoar, the pirate arrived in the Indian Ocean from Boston
  Hodoul brothers Sailed the Indian Ocean
Captain Hook Captain James Hook ( Not his real name, nor a real pirate) is a fictional Pirate character in J M Barries Peter Pan who has a hook instead of a hand.
  Benjamin Hornigold British Pirate  The British pirate Benjamin Horngold was the suitor and tutor of Blackbeard the Pirate but latterly became a Pirate hunter working under the pay of the Governor of the Bahamas. AARGH! Traitor.
  Sir James Houblon
British captain commissioned to attack Spanish Colonies

Thomas Howard

British Pirate

A Captain born into money. Managed to lose it all and fled to the Caribbean where he stole a canoe its said went about with a motley crew, stealing ship after ship and upgrading as he went!
  Victor Hugues French pirate living in Haiti where he turned to pirating and made a fortune by raiding shipping out of Guadeloupe.
  Samuel Inless

Commander of the Dolphin. His pirates plundered a large Danish ship in 1699 then sailed to Saint Mary's Island to divide up their loot. While at Saint Mary's 4 British ships arrived. Rather than surrender, , Captain Samuel Inless burned the Dolphin. The British offered a pardon and several men accepted, but North and Inless not trusting the English commodore, took a ship's boat and fled to Madagascar. The boat was overturned during a storm .

  Captain Jackman
British Pirate
  Jan Jansz
AKA Murad Raïs
A Dutch privateer who joined the Barbary corsairs.
  Rahmah bin Jabr The most famous pirate of the Persian Gulf. A one-eyed captain plundered shipping for 50 years.

William Jenkins - English Pirate British pirate serving under Pirate master, Captain Kidd
  Henry Jennings
British Pirate
Hunted Spanish and French merchantmen particularly in the Caribbean.

John Paul Jones


Scottish born. Jones became a hero in the American War of Independence. He attacked ships in British waters and was condemned as a traitor and pirate.

Margaret Jordan

Margaret Croke

Female pirate and accomplice tried in Canada.
  Pirate Captain Keitt Pirate Captain Keitt was famous for capturing the ship known as the Sun of the East. He took the precious treasure from vessel the Ruby of Kishmoor, hid it from his shipmates and never told a soul where it was buried. It has never to this day been discovered.
  James Kelley
AKA James Gilliam
or James Kelly
British Pirate

Plundered the South American Pacific.

Captain James Kelley alias James Gilliam started his pirate activities in West Africa with John Williams then in the Caribbean and South America and Pacific coast with John Cook

  Armand de Kersaint  
Walter Kennedy A member of an influential gang of British Pirates under Captain Roberts.  An Irish pirate who served as a crew member under pirates Howell Davis and Captain Bartholomew Roberts. Previously he was a pickpocket and burglar. A member of the Charlestown Pirate band.

William Kidd.

Scottish Pirate - Better known as Captain Kidd the Pirate

A Scottish Pirate hunter and latterly pirateer and privateer who turned tail on Pirate hunting in the Red sea to become a terrifying pirate of the oceans
  Lady Killigrew  
  William Knight British pirate and buccaneer who worked alongside English and French Pirates in the Caribbean and raiding Spanish cities in South America.
  Jean Lafitte - American Pirate An American pirate from New Orleans
  Mrs. Peter Lambert of Aldeburgh British pirate born in Suffolk
  Robert Lamley Likewise an English pirate but an associate of Pirate captain - Captain Kidd
  William Lewis
Pirate from Nassau
A fluent linguist, able to speak most of the native languages of the Caribbean as well as Spanish, French, and English. Famous for serving pirate Captain Banister , mainly targeted Spanish vessels.

Maria Lindsey

Female British Pirate

Born in Plymouth, married notorious pirate Eric Cobham and plundered the east coast of the Americas
  Gabriel Loffe  

Edward Low

Ned Lowe

English pirate who terrorised the east coast of America. Known as one of the cruellest pirates in History
  George Lowther Was an 18th-century English pirate. Little is known of his life, but he was active in the Caribbean and Atlantic.
  Henry Mainwaring An English Knight, Mainwaring was first a pirate hunter who ended up turning to piracy himself. Based in Morocco from 1612 he spent four years attacking merchantmen in the Mediterranean, then returned to England and received a pardon.
  Edward Mansfield
AKA Mansvelt
Dutch Buccaneer
Was in command of a four-gun brigantine attacking south American ports.
William Marsh
(or de Marisco)
Marsh, a staunch enemy of the British King, based himself on Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel. From there he raided ships in the Irish Sea and demanded ransoms for his various captives
David Marteen
Dutch Pirate
Was involved in raids against Mexico and Nicaraguan property under pirate Sir Henry Morgan
  John Martell Mentioned as a pirate historically but little known
  William Mason. Captain of the Blessed William after a mutiny. British pirate.
  Count Maurycy Beniowski
Polish Pirate
Also known as Baron Maurice de Benyowski. Island near Madagascar he managed to establish a stronghold, and pronounced himself the king of Madagascar. We can easily classify him as a pirate because he was not above attacking the shipping lanes around Madagascar, and he didn't represent any authority
  William May
British Buccaneer
Captain May was a Buccaneer before he became a privateer during the Nine Years' War. . In the late sixteen hundreds, he began hunting with Captain Kidd on Kidd's ship the Blessed William, stole it the next year and sailed to New York where he attacked French ships in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence...
  Captain Missons Leader of a Madagascan colony of pirates. Captain Mission was a French pirate from Provence, he served in the Antilles on the La Victoire
Christopher Moody -
English pirate

Flew a red Flag.

Previously a pirate crew member with Bartholomew Roberts he took no prisoners and spared no lives.


Sir Henry Morgan

Pirate Captain Henry Morgan

British Admiral and Pirate Captain the Caribbean, primarily raiding Spanish settlements and pirateering on the Spanish Main. Easily the most written about Pirate ever. many films feature Henry Morgan as the greatest pirate the Caribbean ever knew.
John Morris
British Pirate
Active 1663 - 1672
Captain Morris was one among many pirates (Captain Sir Henry Morgan, David Marteen, Captain Rackman and Captain Freeman) who was involved in raids against Mexico and Nicaragua. Captain Morris would go on to be part of Morgan's raids on Portobello & Maracaibo After a peace treaty had been signed between England and Spain, Captain Morris and Lawrence Prince led an assault on Panama.
  Sir Christopher Myngs
Lead many attacks on South American cities and for a time captured and held San Francisco looting many Spanish treasure ships in a lifetime of acceptable piracy for the King of England for which he was a warded the position of Vice Admiral of the Fleet. Vice was rife then!

Grace O'Malley


British pirate

A Female Irish pirate born into aristocracy who commanded three galleys and 200 men
  Robert, Nicolas British pirate sailed the Indian oceanf
  Nathaniel North British pirate and Quartermaster under Chivers and Culliford in the Indian Ocean

Francois L'Ollonais

Jean David Nau

A brutal French pirate, active in the Caribbean. Preyed mainly on Spanish shipping, a nation he hated.
  Able Owens British pirate and associate of the Pirate Captain, Captain Kidd
  John Oxenham First English captain to sail the Pacific under Drake and Black. He went on to pirateer off the Atlantic coast in in South American waters.
  Jean Christie de la Palliére, Jean Christie de la Palliére, he arrived in the Indain ocean as captain under Armand de Kersaint
  Hugh Parrot British pirate and associate of Pirate captain Captain Kidd
  Captain William Parker Originally from Plymouth sailed with Drake on Cadiz. Served under Parker in the West Indies and Honduras as a pirate
Elizabetha Patrickson English pirate in a petticoat.
  Pierre le Piccard French pirate and officer under Sir Henry Morgan
  James Plantain Born in Jamaica he set up his pirate base on Madagascar.
  el Portugués
AKA Bartolomeo
Famous for his lucky escapes
  Lawrence Prince
Dutch Pirate
Born in Amsterdam pirated off south America
  Jack Quelch American pirate was declared captain of the vessel "Charles" after its crew had murdered and dumped overboard its previous captain. He led his band of pirates in raids off the coast of South America.

Jack Rackham

Jolly Jack Rackham the Pirate. AKA

Calico Jack the Pirate

John  the Calico Jack Rackham was an English pirate who sailed in the Caribbean and the Southeastern coast of the United States during the Golden Age of Piracy.
  Raga Chief of the Malay pirates, Raga took many European ships and beheaded their crews.
  Sir Walter Raleigh Elizabethan courtier and navigator. Raleigh fitted out many privateering expeditions in order to fund a new colony in America

Mary Read alias Mark Read

Female British pirate who sailed with "Calico Jack" Rackham and Anne Bonny . Pirates Anne Bonney and Mary Read are the most famous and some say ferocious of all women pirates in history,
  Sinan Reis Turkish corsair

Turgut Reis

Turkish corsair noted as the greatest Ottoman naval admiral and privateer of all time.
  Redbeard See Barbarosa
  Captain Rhoade Mentioned as a pirate historically but little known
  Basil Ringrose English ships surgeon with Sharp in South America
  Manuel Pardal Rivero
Portuguese Pirate
Answered the call of the Spanish against the British pirates

Bartholomew Roberts

AKA: Black Bart the Pirate

Black Bart Roberts the greatest Pirate of them all.

 This British Pirates (Famous Welsh Pirate) real name was John Roberts and he was some say, the most successful pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy. This pirate is estimated to have captured over 470 vessels. The Welsh pirate raided vessels between America and West Africa from 1719 and 1722. Black Bart was the brother of Jon Black best known as Posh Jon Black.  Jon Black was the Cornish Pirate King, who ruled the dynasty of all piracy in Cornwall, England and was one of the most infamous Pirateers of the seven seas. A hugely successful Pirate born in Haverfordwest, Described as a tall black man. He used to wear a rich coloured waistcoats and breeches, a red feather in his cap and wore gold chains around his neck, taking his pirate captain identity from Posh Jon Black.
  Woodes Rogers
English privateer
Rogers was a Privateer who helped suppress piracy in the Caribbean though was not so squeaky clean himself. However, h repented and rescued a Scottish seaman named Alexander Selkirk from a Pacific island, an act which inspired Defoe's book Robinson Crusoe. In 1717 Rogers was appointed royal governor of the Bahamas where he established the formal government.
  Captain Sample Mentioned as a pirate historically but little known
  Abraham Samuel Jamaican Pirate Of mixed African and European descent, Abraham Samuel proclaimed himself pirate King of port Dauphin on Madagascar in the days of the Pirate Round.  1697, Pirate Abraham Samuel first sailed into the Indian Ocean as quarter master on the John and Rebecca
  Cheng I Sao
AKA Ching Shih
Pirate leader of the infamous Red Flag Fleet, a large confederation of Chinese pirates with over 1500 ships that ranged the whole Chinese coast and South to Malaysia.
  Richard Sawkins Buccaneer captain in the Caribbean
  Captain Edward Seegar 1718, Captain Edward Seegar alias Edward England, this Irish born and (most humane) pirate arrived in the Indian Ocean
  Bartholomew Sharp Was an English buccaneer whose pirate career lasted only three years
  Sir Anthony Sherley Best educated British pirate and Oxford educated. Frequented the Indian Ocean
Rachel Schmid-Wall Female American pirate believed to be the first from the Colonies
  Long John Silver
Fictitious British Pirate
In Robert Louis Stevenson's book Treasure Island, Long John Silver is a pirate who was quartermaster under the notorious Captain Flint. Long John Silver had a pet parrot called Captain Flint, often seen sitting on his shoulder.
  Simon Simonson
AKA der Tantzer (the Dancer)
Also Delli Reis (Captain Devil)
Dutch born Pirate and ship builder moved to Algiers. Using captured ships, Simonson taught Muslim captains how to sail and plunder in a more officious way.
  Benito de Soto
Portuguese Pirate
Terrorized the Caribbean and the South Atlantic.
  Captain Jack Sparrow Fictional Pirate developed by Disney. Sparrow is one of the Brethren Court, the Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas and pirate who prefers to flee rather than fight.
  Bernard Claesen Speirdyke
Dutch Pirate
  Störtebeker A former merchant formed a pirate band he called the The Friends of God and Enemies of the World. The pirates sailed the Baltic sea.
  Ralph Stout Cruel British pirate cruising off India. 1692, Pirate Captain Ralph Stout was arrested with 20 other pirates in India while serving with Captain James Kelly. They escaped 4 years later after stealing a boat;
  Robert Surcouf French pirate originally from the corsair haven of St. Malo he attacked British shipping in the Indian Ocean with huge success
  Noël Surcouf Noël Surcouf , pirate of Mauritius
  Charles Swan Known as the reluctant buccaneer as he was forced into Piracy.

Charles Swan

The Elder

A captain with Sharp and Cook in the Pacific

The other Charles Swan, believed to be the nephew of the former pirate was active in the 1680's



Forkbeard the Pirate

Viking King of Denmark, Sweyn defeated and killed his own father, Harald Bluetooth and lead many piratical raids against the British. Nice!
  John Taylor British pirate John Taylor hunted in the Indian Ocean
  Guillaume Le Testu
French Pirate

Born at Le Havre in Normandy and studied navigation and map making. He drew many world maps for the French king.

Le Testu became captain of an 80 ton warship with about 70 men in his crew and turned to pirateering off the coast of south America.

Thomas Tew - British Pirate known as the Rhode Island Pirate Thomas Tew was yet another English privateer who turned pirate of the Carribean and Red Sea
  Denman Topping A pirate serving under Anstis

Rene Duguay-Trouin

French Pirate

 A Breton corsair from St. Malo in France, he became so famous for his furious attacks on British shipping and was made a French naval commander for his gallant actions...
  Cheung Po Tsai Chinese Pirate

Charles Vane -

English Pirate

 English privateer who turned to privateering and preyed upon British and French shipping only in a life of Buccaneer and Pirate crime. Charles Vane was the rashest member of  the Flying Gang, but of this pirate, we know very little. Apart from the fact that prior to becoming a pirate he was living in Port Royal, Jamaica,  although records of his trial indicate he was not from there.

Olivier le Vasseur - La Bouze the Pirate.

La Bouse (The Buzzard) AKA The French Pirate La Bouche

French Pirate and privateer. Olivier le Vasseur alias La Buse, was a native of Calais, known as a good womanizer
  Thomas Veal Little is known about the British pirate Veal other than he was one of four other pirates who hid in Dungeon Rock cave in the Lynn Woods to escape capture. Reportedly his pirate loot remains stashed somewhere in the cave
Sir Francis Verney
Barbary Corsair
An English gentleman turned Turk who went off to become a Barbary Corsair at the age of 23. Based himself at Algiers, Sir Francis attacked English shipping.

Rachel Wall
Female Pirate

George Wall

British Pirate

Former English house maid turned pirate with her husband George. They began their nasty tricks piracy days by stealing a vessel in Essex and devising a clever scheme in order to dupe passing ships off the Isle of Shoals. They allowed them to get close enough for their dirty plans to work.. Rachel was a convincing lady in distress who would stand out at the mast screaming for help until unsuspecting passing ships would get close enough to be attacked. Then they were boarded and robbed. After gather the loot, the pirates would destroy the evidence by murdering the crew and sinking the victims' ships.

Lionel Wafer 

Welsh privateer

Ships surgeon and pirate who quarrelled with his captain once too often and was marooned with four others in the Isthmus of Darien.


John Ward

AKA Yusuf Raïs
Barbary Corsair

A Plymouth naval deserter turned pirate. Enjoyed great success and died a rich man, probably of the plague though!
  Thomas White Captain White moved to Barbados from Plymouth after serving in the Royal Navy, was forced into slavery on a pirate ship which he took to rather well!

Captain Whitebeard

Sidney Whitebeard

Captain Sidney Lemuel Thache. ( Sidney Whitebeard) Born Bristol circa 1685 believed to be the brother or half brother of Edward Teach ( Blackbeard) whose name was likely adopted or adapted from his family name to disguise his pirate lifestyle

Paul Williams

British Pirate

Also served under le Vasseur as a Pirate in the Caribbean seas.
  Paulsgrave Williams American pirate born on Rhode island who joined forces with the pirate Black, Sam - Samuel Bellamy.
  Christopher Winter Captain of the Cuban Hispaniola accused of robbing English ships

Richard Worley -

American pirate

Active in the Caribbean.
Emmanuelle Wynne The innovator pirate who is reputed to begun the Jolly Roger craze of flying the pirates skull and crossbones with the hour glass. Probably an American pirate as he preyed upon English merchantmen.

A man called simply...


Mentioned as a pirate historically but little known








The Kings Pirates -

Pirates and pirating made legal for a period by the order of the crown.


***** Sir Francis Drake

Took the Cacafuego off Equador for £450,000.00 in pirate treasure

Took the San Fillipe off the Azores £114,000.00 in pirate treasure and booty.

  Sir Richard Grenville Santa Maria off Bermuda £50,000.00 in pirate treasure and booty.
  William Lane
  Captain Crosse
  Sir James Lancaster Took a Portuguese Carrack for £50,000.00
  William Parker
  Peter Easton
  John Ward
Posh Jon Black
  Sir Henry Mainwaring Many Spanish ships in the Med. £500,000.00
  Hendrik Lucifer  
  William Ayres
  Piet Heyn
  Sir Christopher Myngs Looted Venezuelan Ports £300,000.00
  Col. Edward Morgan Sir Henry;s uncle

Sir Henry Morgan with Captain Morrish

(2 Tears)





Cornish Pirate Rusty Scupper - Pirateer from Cornwall Cornish Pirate Tickle Trevaskis  - Second mate Pirateer from Cornwall Cornish Pirate Posh Jon Black - The Master& Captain Pirateer from Cornwall
Cornish Pirate Two Tears Morrish - Chief  Mate Pirateer from Cornwall




      A Pirateer with an 'istory of Black Pirateering


      More a book then a story Click




A Pirateer who broke many an 'ed and 'art




Pirateers: Cornish Pirateers Duel
Cornish Pirateers in training

Pirates form Cornwall The Piarateers Filming in Cornwall

Cornish Pirates & Cornwall Pirates, The Pirateers from Cornwall in England               International Pirate Groups

Cornish Pirates The Pirateers Filming in Cornwall



Poundstock Pirateers





Cornwall and a brief  history of its Pirates, 1300 to the present day

 When it comes to Cornish Pirates, the Cornish Pirates themselves, better known to the Cornish as the Pirateers who hale from from North Cornwall, are about the worst bunch of Pirate rabble ever to have pirateered from the coast of south west England

In historical terms, Cornwall has shared a vested interest in her pirate, smuggling and swashbuckling past, for Cornwalls huge tourist industry depends upon its legends and folk law and the Pirateers are more than that.

Cornish Pirates like these are few and far between in the annals of Cornish History and this is their story...


 From the cold dark ocean tumbling into Widemouth Bay near Bude on the north Cornwall coast, now one of the surfing capitals of Cornwall, pirates such as the Pirateers sailed the Celtic seas looking for booty and unknowing sailing vessels to prey upon.

Pirateer boarding in ancient times was rife in Cornwall's distant and misty past and Pirate treasure sank below the waves of the bay tied to ropes and weighed down to be hooked up when the Kings excise men were not around. So too were the unfortunate wretches who fell foul of the Pirate bands preying upon Cornish waters, with no vessel safe from their gaze and their greed.

 The greatest of the Cornish Pirates was undoubtedly and band of Pirates lead by the feared Posh Jon Black, the master Pirate of Cornwall who hailed from Poundstock a village just outside of the tourist sea side town of Bude and Stratton on the north Cornwall coast.

Posh Jon Black, rallied his pirate crews from across the county, earning for himself a formidable reputation as a fine leader of men, hoarder of Pirate treasure trove and a brave and fearless soldier of the deep.

Cornish history recalls many a wreck on a Widemouth breeze, plundered by her Pirateers. many a soul set adrift on the Atlantic by smugglers from her shores.

The notorious Cornish Pirates who served under the Pirate King Jon Black, the pirates front line, Scupper, Tregaskis and Morrish, joined Posh Jon the Pirate king of Cornwall and became his pirate crew extraordinere.  the pirate band scouring the Cornish coast for any ship who may fall foul of their long brass pirate telescopes.

For a shot of heavy chain from her pirate cannons soon fell the masts of tall ships, clippers and brigantines of all nationalities. Including British shipping who chanced their arms and crossed Widemouth bay.

Of the feared Lundy Pirates north of Cornwalls' coastline, and there were centuries of pirates based upon that desolate isle of rats off the north Cornish coast below Barnstaple and above the Hartland light near the Devon border, all revered the Pirate captain, Posh Jon Black though Posh Jon the Pirate King, never wanted to stay on Lundy or settle there, preferring to leave it to the scurvy crews of the Cornish bays.

No, for this pirates identity was a well kept secret in Cornwall, for by day he was a noble and dutiful Cornishman living in a fine house between Port Isaac and what now is the village and harbour of Rock facing the Doom Bar of Padstow.

 Here was a landowner and farmer to whom so many Cornish families turned and relied for their daily bread. It is said he employed over a hundred farm workers from the Port Isaac area and his ancillary fishing industry, the herring and sardines, the mackerel and cod landed at Padstow, Port Isaac, Port Gaverne and Boscastle along with his notable control over the Lobster and crab, grace Posh Jon Black not only the Cornish monopoly of the fishing villages, but the respect of all his Cornish employees and their families forever.

By night though, masked and fettered in fine pirate garb, Posh Jon Black became the terror of the Cornish seas, The Hartland Highwayman. the Mevagissy Master, the terror of Tintagel and the jewel in the Crown of the Celtic hoards.


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